Build your iPad App Today

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iPad dominates the fast growing tablet landscape with over 100 million sold since its introduction in 2010.

Enhance value by analyzing your data

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Every day data is created at a very rapid pace. Little of this vast amount of data is used to make decisions though! Sometimes, the size is overwhelming and at other times the lack of tools to gainfully analyze data is missing. In either case, what could be a gold mine ends up becoming an information dump.

Yottatix facilitates analysis of large amounts of data with ease.

Sense tweets and trends in real-time with Esper

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Add NoSQL to the application stack

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Best Wishes for 2010

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Professional BlazeDS (Wiley/Wrox, 2009) Available

Posted October 2nd, 2009 in Publications by Shashank

Shashank Tiwari (Managing Partner, Treasury of Ideas LLC) ‘s latest book, titled Professional BlazeDS (Wiley/Wrox, 2009), is available starting this week. You can go ahead and order a copy at your local technical book retailer or online at — If you want to learn how to combine Flex/AIR and Java effectively to build your next rich and robust productivity enhancing enterprise grade application, this is the book you need to get.

Author: Shashank Tiwari

Author: Shashank Tiwari