Yottatix — Harnessing Large Scale, with ease!

Yottatix provides the ability to make sense of large amounts of rapidly growing and evolving data. The power of event stream processing and map-reduce based parallelism is combined with the ease of highly interactive and responsive interfaces to help harness large scale, with ease. Yottatix is a suite of solutions and products that includes monitoring systems, analytics applications, intelligence mining systems, and an on-demand data processing platform to facilitate effective decision making. Applicable to financial market tick data, telephony and electric usage data, network traffic, transportation, surveillance, social network communication, enterprise transaction data and high volume and high frequency scientific measurements. Product website:

Twiddledo — Get to know what matters!

Twiddledo is new generation information¬†acquisition¬†application for keeping pace with news, views, trends and choices. Learn what is happening and act on it when it matters. Share what you have learn’t with your friends, family, colleagues and¬†neighbors. Product website:

XBRLSuite — Easily analyze companies like a pro!

XBRLSuite extracts and analyzes company filings data and makes it available via sophisticated analytics and reports. The suite is offered as an online service, a REST based API and a packaged product. Built using the powerful and malleable Ruby programming language the tool is easily extensible and customizable. Product website:


Open source Framework, component library & integration channels to make robust Flex/AIR applications and to integrate it effectively with Java and the LAMP stack. Product website:


Manage relationships effectively. Communicate on time, when it matters. Smartly keep track of your professional and personal contacts. Product website:


Know which company to invest in, work for and do business with. Product website: